Over the past seven or eight years Centennial College has had a pleasant and productive working relationship with RJM Print Group, and in particular with Jamy Rotman.

We have been very pleased with the quality, timing and pricing o f Jamy’s work and would not hesitate to recommend him and RJM as a printer of record.

Bruce Williams
Advertising manager
Centennial College

RJM Print Group introduced their services and products to the Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) more than ten years ago. Since then The Canadian Hearing Society has been a regular client of RJM Print Group.

Their Commitment to providing quality printing, flexibility, on-time delivery and competitive pricing has given us the confidence to award our projects to RJM Print Group time after time.

RJM Print Group fulfills our printing needs and that makes my job at CHS a lot easier.

Thong Ling
Graphic Designer
The Canadian Hearing Society

We have worked with RJM Print Group for over 8 years. Their print quality, service and pricing has always been excellent. They are very detailed and knowledgeable about every aspect of the printing business.

Robert Wright
Creative Director
Wright Ideas Inc.
Advertising and Design